Hi Becks and Lindsey, \nLindsey what happened about your Danes back problem?\n\n\nBruno went to the vet yesterday, They removed a nasty tumour from under his eyelid, removed a tumour lump from his back and took all angle x-rays of his back to see what his spine problem is.\n\nIt turns out he has deformed vertibrae in his shoulder that are most likely caused by a choke chain, or too much calcium as a pup or too much excersise as a pup when very young.\nThe good story is that his main spinal chord is undamaged and is not getting trapped so he is not in crippling pain. Non of the vertibrae are fused or broken.\nSome of his vertibrae lower down the spine are deformed have little 'hooks' on the underside that can put pressure on nerves, he also has some hip displacia and some arthritis in his lower back so it's not surprising hes a grumpy git sometimes.\n\nI have read all about operations to cure this sort of back disorder but have never heard of a single successful story. The vet says thay cant do anything. But he can still go for walks thats the main thing.\n\nThankfully we are insured, his x-rays alone are over 300 pounds, thats not including the tumour removals or the Metacam painkiller bills.\n\nI hope the idiot from Liverpool who bought Bruno as a pup and left him chained on his pub roof garden reads this, i would like to chain you up by your neck and let Mr Bruno bite your arse.\n\n(IMG:http://homepage.ntlworld.com/cathy.hawkes/thead.jpg)
After the attacks it is important to get them out socialising asap with polite dogs. If you can find one or two of the same breed which attacked, so much the better.

Lisa (and others), when the snappy little dogs get within range, turn the squirty bottle on them. With luck they will be so surprised it will stop them in their tracks. If not, add some lemon juice or vinegar to the water next time and use that. Yes, it will sting their eyes but there will be no lasting damage and you have to put you and your dog first. If the owners say anything, you can always tell them you are fed up of little dogs with attitude attacking your gentle giant 😄 .

It's your job as alpha to protect your dog 😉 .

have squirted one that was ok and then turned funny with blue and it did work. so others try it you only need a water bottle that squirts and it really does give them a shock.

hazel has great advice as always]

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I am definately going to have to try that. Simba has been attacked again by a liitle westie not on a lead. And had a little Yorkie snapping away at her heels. Its not fair she is really nervous when approaching or being approached by other dogs. I am trying to mingle her with other friendly dogs but even then sometimes they are not that friendly. So will definately have to arm myself with a water bottle and give the little nasties a squirt. 😄
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